Pure. Sea to Shore. Salt


That's why we make our own - so we can be sure the purity is the highest grade, that the flake size is just right & that the flavor is unparalleled.

Pure, Clean Sea Salt

Sourced from a clean bay, filtered down to the <1 micron. Doesn't get more pure than that!

Salt & Health

Pure, mineral rich sea salt nourishes & hydrates you with essential minerals

The Salt Crew

We're a dedicated crew of seven hard working women who share a common passion for good food, healthy living and the outdoors.

Thoughtfully Packaged

With sustainability & beauty top of mind, our salt is carefully hand-packed & perfect for your dining room, kitchen or as a gift

Celebrate the New Year with Salt

Pure Sea Salt & Seasonal Blend highlight your meals perfectly

Duxbury Bay, Source of Salt

Give a Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Gift for the Holidays: Website, In person or in Retail - Shop Salt & Support Small Business!

Cheers to Gathering

Eat, Drink & Be Healthy!

What Salt customers are saying

Duxbury sea salt is wonderful! The large flakes add a perfectly delicious touch to everything from veggies to my favorite treat of pumpkin oatmeal cc cookies! I am confident that you are sending me a healthy product with each batch. Thank you!


I'm loving the salt! Amazing lift for every single dish. I love the glass jar. Very special, just like the salt. 

Amy (Instagram)

"I am convinced that Duxbury Saltworks sea salt makes everything better in life!"


We are OBSESSED with our salt!! We can taste the love!

Hallie & Matt

"I need more!! Loving the flavor Duxbury Saltworks sea salt adds to all my food"

Melissa @ Hale

Loving it! Almost through my first jar already and will be ordering more very soon!

Hilary from Brooklyn


Hand Harvested from Pure Waters

After being triple filtered down to less than a micron, our water is carefully harvested to create flakes of sea salt.


SALT: An ancient mineral