Elevate your cooking with our small batch, artisan-crafted sea salt!

Artisan sea salt for everyday cooking || awaken your tastebuds

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Our curated Sea Salt Starter Kit has everything you need to set up your kitchen, both functionally and aesthetically!

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The Kitchen Staple

The Signature Spoon Jar is a great choice for those eager to try our classic sea salt. It is a beautiful addition to your counter or table. Refills are easy with our kraft bags or 3lbs Mamahuna!

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For Loyal Sea Salt Fans

Our seasonal salt subscription is perfect for those who love our classic sea salt and enjoy a novel blend each season as well!


Looking for gift ideas? we've got you covered!

Nourish with our Bath Salts

Always a hit — our bath salts combine our magnesium-rich salt with epsom salt for a nourishing and rejuvenating experience!

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A Golden Choice

Our Golden Duo is incredibly popular. Pure sea salt, golden oyster dish, and a spoon always delights!

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The Ideal Combo

Our seasonal duo features our classic sea salt and the latest seasonal blend. Exquistely packaged and delightful!

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When you need a refill....

Use our classic sea salt on everything?

Us too! Sustainably packaged kraft bag refills will keep you well stocked with our pure sea salt.

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For Super Sea Salt Fans

She's a staff favorite for a reason! At 3lbs, our Mamahuna gives you incredible value.

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Can't get enough of our blends?

We know the feeling! Our kraft bags are perfect for refilling your spoon jar or salt cellar!

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What Salt customers are saying

Duxbury sea salt is wonderful! The large flakes add a perfectly delicious touch to everything from veggies to my favorite treat of pumpkin oatmeal cc cookies! I am confident that you are sending me a healthy product with each batch. Thank you!


I was introduced to your products by my coworker. She gifted a set of the plain and seasoned salt to me for Christmas, and I effectively broke up with [other brand] Sea Salt after that!

Olivia from Texas

I was lucky to receive a gift of two of your salts: the Pure Sea Salt and the Fleur de Spring. I love them both! I used the Fleur de Spring on roasted vegetables the other night for dinner and it offered a wonderfully fragrant flavor that was subtle enough not to overpower, but strong enough to make a delicious difference. Not only are they a treat for the tongue, but I love knowing they were hand and sustainably harvested. That means so much to me. Thanks for making the world a more delectable place!  

Judith from Seattle

I'm loving the salt! Amazing lift for every single dish. I love the glass jar. Very special, just like the salt. 

Amy (Instagram)

"I am convinced that Duxbury Saltworks sea salt makes everything better in life!"


We are OBSESSED with our salt!! We can taste the love!

Hallie & Matt

"I need more!! Loving the flavor Duxbury Saltworks sea salt adds to all my food"

Melissa @ Hale

Loving it! Almost through my first jar already and will be ordering more very soon!

Hilary from Brooklyn

I just recieved my bath salts. Again, fantastic turn around from order to arrival. I took a LUXURIOUS much needed quarantine bath with Duxbury Saltworks Bath salts and must say BRAVO!!!! The added bonus of some lavender in the order was wonderful! I will definitely be ordering some bath salts as gifts for friends, and myself!

Laura from Massachusetts

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