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Seasonal Salt Duo

Seasonal Salt Duo

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Each Season — Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn — Duxbury Saltworks creates a salt blend that is flavorful, versatile & seasonally inspired. Add this pair to your countertop and elevate your seasonal cooking experience!

Duxbury Saltworks current Salt Duo set includes two flavors in beautifully packaged cork-topped glass jars:

  • Duxbury Saltworks Classic Sea Salt
  • Duxbury Saltworks Autumn Blend

Our Autumn blend is a warm blend of paprika, dill, chili pepper & black peppercorns. Fresh and flavorful, this crimson beauty will spice up your cooking!

Each Seasonal Duo jar holds 4.8 oz of Sea Salt or Blend.

Beautifully packaged, both sizes are great to give as gifts to yourself or anyone who values high-quality ingredients and healthy cooking!

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