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Compass Sea Salt Duo

Compass Sea Salt Duo

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The 2021 Compass Collection Salt Duo set includes two cork-top glass jars with Classic sea salt and a Compass blend.

Four delicious flavors will roll out over the course of the year, beginning with a sweet and salty dream, our North Blend! North elevates and enhances your favorite foods and drinks from pork loin to your morning coffee.

North Blend: Classic Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Organic Maple Sugar, Orange Peel
South Blend: April 2021
East Blend: July 2021
West Blend: October 2021

Each Salt Duo jar holds 1.7 oz of Sea Salt or Sea Salt Blend.

Beautifully packaged, this duo is great to give as a gift to yourself or anyone who values high-quality ingredients and healthy cooking!

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