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Delicate Flakes. Big Impact.

Our Vision — SalterieOne enriches the lives of people, their palates and the planet, and does it all with purpose.

SalterieOne transforms your cooking and eating experiences with our own uniquely hand-harvested sea salt and original seasoning blends. We are on a mission to bring flavorful, 100% natural sea salt and flavorful custom-made sea salt blends to your kitchen counter and dinner table. 

Our Passion: From our shores to your kitchen, we trust you'll enjoy every salty flake!

Dedication to quality, flavor, and texture defines Duxbury Saltworks spirit and sea salt. The carefully-honed proprietary process results in the light, mineral-rich, flaky texture and fresh taste our sea salt is known for.

Our Process: All of our products are hand-made, 100% pure and packed with sustainability in mind.

Since the company's founding in 2018, a passion for wholesome, well-crafted food has transformed into a growing business that is elevating everyday cooking in an authentic and sustainable way for so many customers.

Our Technique: Harvesting the essence of the sea

Duxbury Saltworks' sea salt flakes are created via the gradual evaporation of seawater collected directly from Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts. The large daily rotation between high and low tides in this area helps ensure that our source water is routinely refreshed. When combined with a vibrant aquaculture industry, Duxbury Bay is uniquely positioned to provide water naturally purified by millions of oysters. 

After collecting our source water, we filter it and slowly heat it to form a rich brine. Over time, sea salt flakes naturally form and are gently gathered by hand by our Master Salt Harvesters. These delicate, feathery flakes are then dried in a precisely-regulated heated environment to remove any remaining moisture. No flake is ready until it passes the detailed inspection of our skilled team. 

This careful and deliberate process helps ensure that each flake is perfectly textured and retains key minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium and other nutrients that are important to the body's natural day-to-day functions.

We are a team of women artisans: Run and operated by women

We hand-harvest our sea salt. It means we transform sea water from Duxbury Bay into delightful culinary sea salt flakes rich with the beneficial mineral composition of our sea water. We're lucky to have such a great view! We give back, and support the oceans that make our salt possible.