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The Salt Team

Tell us about Duxbury Saltworks

We hand harvest sea salt from the pristine waters of Duxbury Bay, MA in small batches. Our salt processing takes place on a historic 10 acre property in the heart of Duxbury, MA.

Instead of developing the rare large acreage, we are restoring the land as a historic site that honors its' history and reconnects us back to the land, sea and animals. We also have honey bees on the property and are regrowing the peach and apple trees on the site that are well known and loved in the area.

Who is Duxbury Saltworks?

We are a collection of seven women - mothers, sisters, wives and daughters - who are all about living vibrant lives. This encompasses health, wellness, eating delicious food, connecting with nature and our natural habitats, learning, honoring the gifts land, sea & air. In addition to making sea salt we love making things, sharing recipes and stewarding our lands in various ways by pruning, growing and tending to the plants, animals and people that live on them!

Tell us more about who runs this business?

Duxbury Saltworks was founded by Lily Leedom, an entrepreneur, wife, mom, dog enthusiast, athlete and seeker of better health. Lily is passionate about vibrant living and oversees all aspects of the business. 

What is special about Duxbury, MA?

Duxbury is a beautiful coastal town on the South Shore of Massachusetts. There is so much that is wonderful about the natural habitat of this area  - from the world renowned oysters to the incredible sailing programs and gorgeous beaches. Duxbury is a historic place with a strong sense of it's maritime history - boat making, shellfishing, maritime researching and protecting and of course, salt making! Duxbury waters are incredibly clean because of the lack of any local industrialization, the intense monitoring of the water quality and the millions of oysters that filter the Bay every day. 

Why might I consider using Duxbury Saltworks sea salt?

 -You enjoy cooking healthy, flavorful food.

-You care about consuming products that are sustainably sourced.

-You want to know your food is extra clean by purchasing it from a place you can visit and see with your own two eyes. 

-You value the shared experience of a delicious meal with friends.

-You support local business whenever possible.

-You know that the small choices you make every day make a difference in how you experience life!

Anything else? 

The mission of Duxbury Saltworks is to encourage health, wellness, eating delicious food, connecting with nature, honoring our natural habitats, being life longer learners and making meaningful connections with others.

Sea salt is a product that is of nature, has ancient roots, tastes delicious and is naturally infused with healthful minerals that are vital to our wellbeing. Sea salt is used by many on a daily basis, meaning you can infuse each and every day with these life affirming qualities. 

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