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Is Duxbury Saltworks Sea Salt for me? Let's find out!

  • Do you enjoy healthy, flavorful food!?

  • Do you value consuming products that are sustainably sourced?

  • Is it meaningful to you to know that the source of your food and how it's made is pure & hand-crafted? 

  • Do you enjoy the experience of a delicious meal with friends?

  • Do you like to support small businesses whenever possible?

  • Do you agree that the small choices you make every day make a difference in how you experience life!?

Then we think you'll enjoy having Duxbury Saltworks as a constant companion in your kitchen, on your dining room table and in all of your culinary experiences!

What makes Duxbury Saltworks different?

When you start thinking about salt, you will quickly realize it's in almost everything you eat — whether added or naturally occurring. To bring out the natural flavor of any food, just add salt. A good quality, well-textured salt will enhance the dishes you cook in a natural, healthful way, infusing dozens of minerals and essential nutrients into your meals.

As mothers, food lovers, garden growers, and salt harvesters, we are passionate about creating sea salt & sea salt blends that can transform the everyday experience of cooking and eating in a healthful, all natural way. Our salt is lovingly hand crafted - every flake is cared for and you can taste the difference.

How is Duxbury Saltworks Classic Sea Salt made?

It turns out that making a high quality, super pure, flavorful sea salt isn’t as simple as evaporating sea water. Our carefully-honed process results in the light, flaky texture and fresh ocean taste our sea salt is known for. 

Our salt making operations are on the waterfront home of Island Creek Oysters.  Duxbury Saltworks’ proprietary process has been carefully honed — production takes time and patience.  “Achieving our special sea salt flakes requires just the right mix of science and art,” says Brooke Bradley, Master Salt Harvester. “The hand of the grower, combined with nature’s magical capabilities, is a key reason why our salt is beloved by many,” she continues.  

What's the history of salt making?

Salt Making is an industry anchored in the founding of our country in Duxbury.

The history of making salt in this region has been recorded as far back as 1622-24, when there were simple “saltworks” in Town. In fact, Duxbury Beach was first called Salt House Beach and Salter’s Beach. Salt-making enabled the early settlers to preserve food and provided them with essential nutrients needed for survival. The local salt industry expanded and contracted with the fishing and shipbuilding industries, eventually winding down in the mid-1800s. Fast-forward almost two centuries later, and it's safe to say that the industry is alive and thriving with the arrival of Duxbury Saltworks.

What are your future plans?

The women at Duxbury Saltworks are keenly tuned in to the changing landscape in the food industry: consumers are craving clean, unprocessed products that are crafted with care and provide an elevated eating experience. Equipped with a solid foundation and team, Duxbury Saltworks looks to a future where their sea salt and sea salt blends are staples in kitchens and dining rooms far and wide, expanding the number of customers like Ellen, who stated poignantly: “This salt shakes up my world!” 

Once you try Duxbury Saltworks’ sea salt, we believe you’ll understand why a sprinkle of something so pure will transform your relationship to food. 

Do you test the water source?

Yes. We have the water independently tested regularly per local guidelines.

To further refine the source of our delicious sea salt, our water is triple-filtered down to less than 1 micron on industrial scale filters. Our water is tested monthly by a widely trusted independent lab that specializes in water quality testing and is listed as a state-approved testing facility in Massachusetts. Moreover, because we harvest in small batches, we have an extremely high quality assurance standard. Nothing but pure salt and minerals remain.

What are the benefits of sea salt?

Sea salt provides dozens of essential minerals and trace minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, iron, calcium, zinc, and selenium. Salt helps balance electrolytes, acts as an antimicrobial to help fight off microbes in our bodies, and so much more.  Duxbury Saltworks Sea Salt is comprised of sodium & beneficial minerals without anything you wouldn't want to eat. That's the beauty of our amazing filtration system a

Duxbury Saltworks Sea Salt Facts

Every six hours, the ocean waters of high tide gradually flow into Duxbury Bay. And every 6 hours after that, the waters of the bay gradually recede as low tide arrives — and the Bay’s sandy bottom is revealed. This natural cycle repeats each and every hour — a consistent, dependable, water-based renewal that provides the ideal environment for marine life, especially oysters, to thrive. From this pure and life-giving water Duxbury Saltworks' sea salt flakes begin. 

The Science of Salt

Sea salt is evaporated ocean water.  At Duxbury Saltworks, we carefully nurture the water into beautiful sea salt flakes. Salt harvesting is an art in addition to a science. The science explains the “how” whereas the art invites, and necessitates, nuance. Our team spends countless hours examining each flake of salt we create. Our carefully honed salt making process produces the fluffy, flavorful, pure sea salt that Duxbury Saltworks is known for. 

Proprietary Process

The harvesting of sea salt is the process of creating the salt flakes — which happens by hand in our facility. We have Master Salt Harvesters on staff who are highly trained to masterfully manage our salt harvesting process.

Duxbury Saltworks' Salt Harvester manages the time, temperature, and the rate at which we allow the salt flakes to form and dry. This proprietary process is integral to the creation of the pure, delicate fleur-de-sel style sea salt that Duxbury Saltworks is known for.

How is sea salt different than table salt?

Processed table salt (think salt shaker) is produced in a factory setting where it is stripped of minerals and nutrients until it is just sodium chloride. More often than not, chemicals are used in the process to dye the salt white, and iodine is added along with compounds to prevent clumping. Just as we know processed sugar is not good for us; similarly, processed salt is not the best option. Think of the following sweetener analogy: high fructose corn syrup is to table salt (processed) as honey is to sea salt (natural). 

Moreover, table salt may have added anti-caking agents, such as sodium aluminum silicate or additive E-554. There are a total of 18 food additives that are allowed in salt which are not good for your health. Our sea salt has no chemical additives. If you season with our sea salt, you'll avoid chemicals AND eat salt flakes full of minerals and essential nutrients and flavor.