About Duxbury Saltworks

Every six hours, the ocean waters of high 
tide gradually flow in to Duxbury Bay. And
every 6 hours after that, the waters of the
bay gradually recede as low tide arrives and
the bay’s sandy bottom is revealed. This
natural cycle repeats every hour of every day
of the year, a consistent, dependable, water-based

renewal which provides the ideal
environment for shellfish, and specifically
oysters, to thrive. It is this water, this pure
and life-giving water, which Duxbury Salt
works harvests to grow our salt. We believe
that every flake of our salt reflects its fresh,
natural, and life-affirming origins.

Duxbury, MA

Duxbury is a beautiful coastal town on the South Shore of Massachusetts. There is so much that is wonderful about the natural habitat of this area  - from the world renowned oysters to the incredible sailing programs and gorgeous beaches. Duxbury is a historic place (we are after all only a few miles from where the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth) with a strong sense of its' maritime history - boat making, shellfishing, maritime researching and of course, salt making! Duxbury waters are incredibly clean because of the lack of any local industrialization, the intense monitoring of the water quality and the millions of oysters that filter the Bay every day. 

Carefully Honed Salt Harvesting Process

Salt harvesting is both art & science. The science explains the how behind creating salt crystals from salt water. The art is where the nuance lives and where we spend endless hours obsessing over each flake of salt we create. Our carefully honed salt making process produces the fluffy, flavorful, pure sea salt that Duxbury Saltworks is known for. We have experimented with a wide range of processes that create a variety of salt types: everywhere from rocky salt (after all, salt is the only rock we eat!) to salt pyramids, to what we have decided makes the best salt for food: perfectly fluffy, flaky salt. It's like snow!

Salt Artists

We are a collection of seven women - mothers, sisters, wives and daughters - who are all about living vibrant lives. This encompasses health, wellness, eating delicious food, connecting with nature and our natural habitats, learning, honoring the gifts land, sea & air. We love the art of making sea salt and all of the wonderful extensions that go along with. In addition to making sea salt we love being makers, sharing recipes and stewarding our lands in various ways by pruning, growing and tending to the plants, animals and people that live on them!

The Science of Salt

Sea Salt is evaporated ocean water. It's a miracle of nature (explained through science). When ocean water is evaporated, a beautiful crystalizing process occurs  where salt crystals slowly begin to form and are nurtured in to beautiful flakes. Ocean water has approximately 3.5% salinity.

Ways to use Duxbury Saltworks sea salt

When you start thinking about salt, you will quickly realize it's in almost everything you eat; whether added or naturally occurring. To bring out the natural flavor of any food, add salt. A good quality, well textured salt will enhance the dishes you cook in a natural, healthy way, infusing dozens of minerals and essential nutrients in to your meals. As mothers, food lovers, garden growers & salt harvesters, we are hoping to share more recipes, inspirations, salt blends and more with you as time goes on and our business evolves.

What is healthy about sea salt?

Sea salt provides dozens of essential minerals & trace minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium. It helps  balance our electrolytes, acts as a anti-microbrial to help fight off microbes in our bodies and so much more. 

How is sea salt different than "table" salt?

Processed table salt (think salt shaker) is produced in a factory setting where it is stripped of minerals & nutrients until it is just sodium chloride. More often than not, chemicals are used in the process to dye the salt white and iodine is added along with compounds to prevent clumping. Just like we know processed sugar is not good for us, similarly, processed salt is not the best option. Think high fructose corn syrup (like table salt - processed) compared to honey (like sea salt - all natural).

Table salt is stripped of its minerals and has anti-caking agents, such as sodium aluminum silicate, or additive E-554. There are a total of 18 food additives that are allowed in salt - not good for your health. Sea salt contains no chemical additives. If you season with our sea salt, you'll avoid chemicals.

Are there any additives in your salt making processes? 

There are no additives, whiteners or chemicals used in the processing of our salt. Our sea salt is hand harvested in small batches so you can feel good knowing that you are using sea salt free of processing, chemicals, or whitening. Just pure sea water, full of minerals & essential nutrients.

Is the water you use clean?

Yes. We've had the water independently tested and it's incredibly clean! Just message us if you would like more information. Very large ten foot tides bring fresh water in and out of the bay following mother nature's tide schedules. Millions of oysters filter the water in our bay every single day. Fresh minerals, nutrients & salinity infuses the sea water making a tasty, flaky, beautiful salt. To further refine the source of our delicious sea salt, the water is triple filtered down to less than 1 micron on industrial scale filters. Nothing but pure salt water & minerals remain!

How is your sea salt harvested?

Sea salt is harvested through a natural process of evaporating sea water (solar powered is coming soon). We are passionate about sea salt because it is an ancient mineral, it is pure and it provides healthful benefits including balancing electrolytes and increasing hydration. It is also from an abundant resource, the ocean and when harvested in sustainable ways, sea salt is healthy, natural & vital to our wellbeing. 

How is Duxbury Saltworks sea salt made?

Our sea salt is hand harvested (ever try lifting a fifty gallon bucket of water?) and slowly brought to life through low temperature heat allowing the water to evaporate over time. Once condensed down to a high level of salinity, our salt is spread in to pans where it is allowed to develop in to beautiful flakes. The flavor is delicious and our sea salt is mineral rich - full of healthy essential minerals that bring both flavor to the salt and healthy elements to you.