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From our team to you: sharing resources we love that you might too!

Every week, the women of Duxbury Saltworks gather virtually to connect in a team meeting. During a recent tele-gathering, our discussions drifted away from our work agenda to discussions of interesting ways we've all been filling our time. What resulted is the list below, a lineup of interesting articles and websites that each team member has found enriching and entertaining. We hope that this list helps you fill some gaps of time in your days at home!

Gardening: How to start a garden by Alice Waters. This article, written by Alice Waters, the legendary chef and early advocate of the organic food movement, gave Brooke (Artisan Salt Maker) inspiration to get started in her sowing seeds this spring. 

Silly Fun: Emily (our Media Mogul) uses this web site to send funny e-cards to friends and family near and far. You can customize the digital cards with faces from your own photo library. This is definitely worth a goofy laugh or two!

Escapism: WildEarth Live Safari: Broadcasting from two wild animal preserves in South Africa each sunrise and sunset, this live show is narrated by clever, informative guides whose accents are also pretty mesmerizing to everyone living with Michelle (Marketing Maven).

Exercise: Yoga has always been an important part of how Lily (Saltworks Founder) brings balance to her life. Give your body and your brain a stretch with a robust library of free yoga videos from this website.  

Cooking: Bon Appetit TV: When Inge (Sales Person Extraordinaire) needs cooking inspiration or just wants to veg out (see what we just did there?) for a bit, she can often be found surfing this YouTube channel in her kitchen, ideally with our sea salt at the ready!

Kid Fun: #gadbookclub: When she just needs a break from the bedtime routine, Jessica (Artisan Salt Maker) turns to the Twitter feed of Josh Gad (the voice of Olaf from the movie Frozen) to read a story to her little one. Josh is creative for kids and funny for adults, so Jess may or may not listen as much for herself as her daughter!

Music: Couch Concerts Getting immersed in a song has always been an escape for Julie (Distribution Guru) and these days, doing so with renowned artists from the comfort of her living room is possible, thanks to the free concerts now available from the Kennedy Center.  

Educational: When looking to challenge her brain cells, Katie (Distribution Guru) taps into the multitude of courses offered here. There's a fee attached with membership, but they're now offering the ability to share it!

We hope that this list helps you fill some gaps of time in your days with some fun free programming at home!